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posted by: Best Western Bishop Lodge on: June 20, 2018

Winter getting you down? Come to Bishop, California. We have the best of both worlds – the temperate warmth of California, combined with snowy mountains that you can ski or snowboard! And once you’ve hit the slopes, you can rest your tired, sore muscles in one of the area’s natural hotsprings.


There are all sorts of benefits to soaking in natural host springs. According to, “The water found in natural hot springs contains a variety of different minerals, including calcium and sodium bicarbonate. When you bathe in a hot spring, your skin soaks in these minerals and your hydrostatic pressure rises. As this process continues, circulation and oxygen flow increases -- much like when you exercise. An oxygenated circulatory system is beneficial in keeping not only your heart, but your body's other vital organs and tissues, healthy and strong.” The minerals in the water can also alleviate skin problems, and give you a better night’s sleep! You can’t beat that!


There are many natural hot springs in the Bishop area. This list is a fantastic resource for some of the smaller pools in the area! My favorite is Hilltop Hot Spring – it’s easy to get to, has a gorgeous view, and is big enough that there’s still room if someone beats you there!


If you want a “sure thing” when it comes to visiting hot springs, then you should head to Keough’s Hot Springs. The largest natural hot springs in East Sierra, Keough’s funnels natural spring water to a large communal bathing area surrounded by comfortable sunchairs that make it easy to lounge and relax. If that’s not enough, you can book a therapeutic massage to really relax! I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Whether you’re skiing, hiking, or just relaxing in Bishop, you should book a room at Best Western Bishop Lodge for stunning comfort and savings!